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King & Company have drawn or assisted in settling the widest possible variety of local government contracts and deeds including:

  • establishment and operation of major sewerage treatment plants and similar major capital works, including road construction agreements;
  • upgrading and extension of a (Council-owned) airport runway to jet aircraft rating to accommodate the increasing demand in the Bowen Basin for “fly-in, fly-out” employment;
  • upgrading and extension of a (Council-owned) airport runway to jet aircraft rating to accommodate the increasing demand in the gas and petroleum districts for “fly-in, fly-out” employment;
  • major upgrade of terminal facilities for a significant (Council-owned) regional airport;
  • commercial agreements for the supply of potable water and sale of reusable water;
  • tender and contract documents for goods and professional services to be supplied to local governments, including Government Information Technology Contracting (“GITC”) Framework agreements;
  • licences to operate facilities or businesses on Council property (recreation type businesses on reserves; markets on road reserves; events in Council halls etc) and contracts for the management of Council property (swimming pools, caravan parks, cemeteries), including the development of facilities on Council property;
  • enterprise contracts for the exploitation of Council property or assets such as land record data;
  • various specialised contracts relating to the establishment of the Queensland Local Government Mutual Liability Pool and the Local Government WorkCare Scheme;
  • the LGM and LGW trust deeds;
  • the LGM and LGW management agreements with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd;
  • mining compensation agreements; 
  • deeds of novation/deeds of variation of all the above-described agreements.

For joint ventures, we have developed documentation and suggested commercial approaches to deal with the technical problems which can stifle such projects (the application of tender provisions of the Local Government Regulation 2012, and restraints imposed as a result of the application of the enterprise powers, being two common examples). 

All contractual matters which involve drafting result in an addition to our precedents database and all such matters which involve advice result in an addition to our database of opinions.  We reckon we’ve both the experience, with a specific local government perspective and emphasis, and the base of resource material, to provide a tailored and efficient service.

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