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In any given month, we provide opinions to Councils across the State on a vast array of issues such as meeting procedure, delegation of powers, use of rating powers, privacy issues, Councillor remuneration/reimbursement of expenses and provision of facilities, Councillor conduct (including prescribed and declarable material personal interest and conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality, inappropriate conduct and misconduct), drafting of show cause and enforcement notices, powers of entry, liability exposure and risk management, application of local laws etc. 

Advice on financial planning and management and revenue raising also form part of our core administrative and governance practice.  Annually, we review the revenue policies, revenue statements and rating resolutions of many Councils across Queensland.  Among many other issues, we also advise on:

  • proposed new or novel revenue raising strategies;
  • the application of the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982;
  • defending claims alleging unlawful use of revenue raising powers;
  • defending appeals to the Land Court relating to Council rating categorisation decisions.

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