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Infrastructure Agreements

We’ve drafted numerous highly specialised development agreements for special projects and special arrangements.  Indeed, the firm prides itself on the level of work it undertakes in this area for its local government clients.

We have prepared (and are continuing to prepare) infrastructure agreements on behalf of Council clients covering various issues including:

  • provision of open space;
  • construction of roads;
  • provision of water, sewerage, and drainage.

Our strong experience in this area enables us to:

  • identify when infrastructure agreements are required;
  • advise on the variety of credit and offset arrangements that are available;
  • identify what situations lend themselves to each credit and offset arrangement and when it might be necessary to use a combination;
  • advise on key requirements which must be considered for each proposed development;
  • advise on the significance of obtaining tenure for infrastructure provided under the agreement;
  • manage timing issues, including potential risks for delay, and how to minimise those risks;
  • best deal with problematic or uncooperative developers.


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